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Why You Should Invest in Metal Roofing During the Winter


As is customary to most homes in the United States, battling the effects of winter is no small task. From clearing snow from the driveway to putting up Christmas decorations, the winter season is definitely a busy one indeed. Arguably the best choice you can make for your house this winter is equipping it with a brand new metal roof.

Truth be told, metal roofs aren’t the most attractive out there but the cost of maintenance makes it absolutely worth it. Metal roofs are easier to manage than any other roofing material. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the reasons why metal roofs are considered the best for winter.


Advantages of Metal Roofs

  1. Metal roofs shed off the snow: These roofs were specifically manufactured to shed snow faster than other materials. When some comes out it reflects on the metal roof, thereby melting the snow off it, similar to how it happens with snow on your car. Metal roofs were designed to keep your whole home warm. Getting a metal roof will reduce incidences of cold spots around your house.


  1. Metal roofs can be installed at any time of the year: Unlike most roofing materials which have to be installed during spring or summer, metal roofs can be installed even during the winter season. Other roofing materials won’t be able to withstand the weather conditions, and trying to use them will just result in damage. Metal roofs are strong and can withstand the snowy winter.


  1. Metal roofs aren’t heavy: This might surprise you, but metal roofs are much lighter than most other roofing materials like asphalt. These roofs can support large amounts of snow without budging. If you don’t have enough time or funds at hand, then metal roofs will also be a fantastic choice since they don’t need extra reinforcement to the original deck.


  1. Metal roofs help save energy: If you have a roof that has been well designed, then it will serve as a medium to reduce heat loss and therefore optimize energy efficiency. This will also help prevent the build-up of excess ice as the whole roof maintains a constant temperature.


  1. Lower chance of leakages: Metal roofs are designed to be well-sealed and watertight; this means that the chances of water seeping through the roof is very low. If you add a substance such as a sealant to the outer surface, then you get an even more reliable roof that snow or water won’t be able to get past. Periodic checking and reapplication of the sealant will further ensure your roof is impenetrable.


Looking to Install a Metal Roof this Winter?

Although not the flashiest, from the article above it, is obvious that metal roofs are definitely the best to use during winter. The mere fact that you can replace your roof during the middle of winter is enough of an indication of how important this roof is to the season. You can contact us at 508 584-7663 to assist you with installing your metal roof today.

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