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What is Roof Flashing and Why is it Important for My Home?

Having a good roof on your home is vital to staying protected against the weather, keeping water and pests out of your home, and being comfortable. A roof without flashing is not a stable roof that’s going to stand the test of time. What is flashing though? Why is it so important? Keep reading to get those answers and more!

What is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is a type of metal or plastic that provides coverage to high-risk areas of the roof. Flashing is most commonly made out of copper sheet metal. Copper is able to adapt to nearly any weather condition, so it’s a great choice for long-term protection. Plastic flashing is cheaper to purchase, but it won’t last as long and will get damaged more easily.

What Does Roof Flashing Do?

Roof flashing acts as an extra layer of protection for high-risk areas of your roof. Areas that are prone to water leaks and holes in the roof get covered with flashing. When it’s installed, you have an extra seal connecting those areas to the more stable areas of shingles on your roof. This helps extend the life of your roof and protects the interior of your home.

Without roof flashing, the risk of water damage, pests, and poor temperature control increase dramatically.

What Areas of the Roof Need Flashing?

Any area of the roof that’s difficult to cover with shingles should get roof flashing installed. Some of the most common areas include:

To put it simply, anything that comes out of your roof and disrupts the natural flow of the shingles is considered a high-risk area.

How is Flashing Installed?

Roof flashing should only be installed by a licensed roofing contractor. Attempting to install it yourself can actually cause more damage to the roof than just leaving it uncovered! Roofers have the proper tools and knowledge for a safe, effective roof flashing installation.

If you’re unsure about the flashing on your roof, schedule a roof inspection ASAP. Roof inspections should be scheduled once a year to identify any areas that have been damaged by weather or pests. A roofing contractor will walk the roof and mark areas of shingles or flashing that need to be addressed. Regular inspections will save you from an emergency like a large hole in the roof or an unexpected total roof replacement.

Flashing can usually be repaired or replaced without the need to redo the whole roof. If the surrounding shingles have been compromised, it might be time to discuss a roof replacement. Contact Sunrise Exterior Inc today to have an experienced roofing contractor come inspect your roof flashing!

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