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Top Causes of Siding Problems and How to Avoid Them

Siding is one of the most important elements that provide protection to your home from the outside elements. It might not be the most exciting renovation project to think about but nonetheless, it is very important considering how important it is. Unfortunately, siding does not last forever and there are some factors that can severely limit the lifespan of your siding. What are these factors? Let’s take a look:

1.    Pests

Siding made of wood is especially vulnerable to pests. These pests can range from carpenter bees looking for a place to call home to woodpeckers searching for their next meal. It is particularly important to check for pests and make sure that there isn’t any extensive damage to the siding.

2.    Moisture

Keeping the moisture out is the main job of any siding but when it is damaged, moisture becomes a real problem regardless of the type of siding you have in your home. The sure-fire way to tell moisture damage is if there is any buckling and warping.

3.    Poor maintenance

Siding, like any other part of your home, needs and requires periodic maintenance to maintain proper shape and form. Siding should be inspected regularly especially after a heavy weather event. If you maintain a regular siding maintenance schedule, your siding will last a very long time without any issue.

4.    Poor Installation Job

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but not all installation jobs are carried out equally. Some contractors don’t have the necessary experience required to do a satisfactory siding job. This is a huge problem because a poor siding installation can impact the lifespan of a siding in a very negative way. Always hire someone who is an expert in their respective field and knows how to carry out a proper job.

5.    Roof Issues

While you might be thinking about the roof when discussing siding, the two are closely related and your roof can play an important role in determining the health and vitality of your roof. When your roof is already failing and you notice shingles falling, there is a chance that the moisture will seep underneath these shingles and work its way to the under-structures, and cause significant damage to the siding. To avoid this, make sure your roof is in tip-top condition and that you don’t have any moisture coming in from the top.

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