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Tips on Getting Insurance Help Pay for Your Roof Replacement

As a homeowner, you should insure your property. This way, you can protect your home and get immediate help when an issue occurs. Your insurance company can pay for your roof replacement in certain scenarios. Of course, they won’t just approve covering the bill for your renovation just because you claim your roof is leaking.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various ways to get your insurance company to pay for your roof replacement.

How Can You Get Insurance to Pay for Your Roof Replacement?

Before you can get insurance to pay for your damaged roof, it must have been damaged by extreme weather. These weather conditions can include damaging winds during snowstorms, thunderstorms, hail storms, or other natural occurrences in New England. Also, they can cover the bill if your roof is damaged from fallen tree limbs caused by strong storms.

If, by these events, there is extensive damage to your roof, you should not doubt that they will pay to replace it. As long as the roof is caused by extreme weather, you should be able to get insurance to pay. However, further investigation into the damage will determine whether you need a total replacement.

The following are tips to note that can help you get your roof replacement payment.


A misconception people usually have about insurance payout is that they can be done quickly. However, this is not always the case, as getting insurance to replace even a storm-damaged roof takes a while. First, you call your company. Then, they send an adjuster to inspect the situation. Upon approval, the adjuster writes a claim and leaves you to find a suitable roof contractor.

The company will review and modify your claim before you can receive the money. This is just a summary of what transpires. It may differ depending on the insurance company.

Beware of Storm Chasers

After a strong storm, some people go about knocking on doors to help them review the level of damage and offer solutions. Usually, these people just do a shady job and move on to the next. 

If your roof gets damaged in the process, it becomes hard to get your insurance company to foot the bill. To avoid being scammed by them, it is best to let your insurance company review the damage done because only the insurance adjuster can approve a roof damage insurance claim. 

Sign Paperwork Only When Your Insurance Claim is Approved

Never sign any paperwork until your insurance claim is approved. You shouldn’t even let a roofing contractor on your roof until this step is done or unless your insurance company approves the inspection. This way, you don’t give them a chance to lock you into a contract.

Work with an Experienced Roofing Contractor

When your claim is approved, you can select any local roofing contractor. It is best to hire one who has experience working with insurance claims. This way, they can read your claim, help you include anything missing, and work in compliance with your insurance company.

For your roofing consultations, you should contact Sunrise Exteriors LLC. This is because they do quality work and are well-informed about insurance-related issues. Their team of experienced handymen can assist in your roof restorations and claim approval process.


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