Vinyl Siding with Mold Being Cleaned With Power Wash

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Siding

Different siding materials require different maintenance procedures. Regardless of what siding material your home or other property uses, there is never a bad time to consider a quick clean. In fact, one of the best times to clean your siding is throughout the spring. Springtime brings on a flood of pollen as leaves return to trees and flowers begin to bud and blossom. And that pollen when carried in the air can become practically glued to your siding. In this article, we will provide a variety of tips on how to best handle cleaning your siding during the spring. 

How Should You Clean Your Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding materials. When cleaning your vinyl siding it is recommended to use a soft clean cloth or a brush with soft bristles. In order to clean high and low, you will need a ladder and might need a long handle for your brush to get up close to the roof. Always follow correct ladder safety instructions and make sure your ladder is secure and that you aren’t reaching a point where you are getting off balance. If you notice mold on your siding, a way to remove it is to use a solution made of vinegar and water. 

Can I Power Wash My Siding?

That depends on the material. Power washing can be a great way to quickly clean the side of a property. But there are some manufacturers that would recommend against it. The power behind a power washer can sometimes dent or even crack vinyl siding, especially if the siding is older. This can quickly turn your attempt to clean your siding into a need to replace your siding especially as water is now able to get into your home. So make sure to be extremely careful if you decide to use a power washer. Also even if your siding material is ok to be powerwashed, you should be very gentle around any windows or doors as you could break them with a power washer. 

What Shouldn’t I Do When Cleaning Vinyl Siding

When you clean vinyl siding you should avoid using cleaning solutions that can damage your siding. Abrasive cleaning materials, including steel wool or scrubbers, can damage the siding texture, and cleaning solutions that use chlorine bleach, furniture polish, or other similar ingredients can also lead to damage. Make sure to check what type of siding you have and see if the manufacturer has recommendations on what cleaning materials and cleaning solutions to use. 

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