Roof Replacement

The Pros and Cons of Patching Your Roof Vs Replacing It

Your roof is what keeps you safe, dry, and warm all year long. Having a good roof is especially important during the winter. If your roof isn’t looking as good as it once did, early intervention is key. Use this guide to help you decide between a roof repair and replacement!

Roof Repair

A roof repair includes fixing part of the roof that’s having issues, but leaving the rest as is. Roof repair has a lot of pros at first glance, but not so many when you look at the future.


The first pro of roof repair is that it’s cheaper than a roof replacement. For a homeowner struggling to cover the cost, this is a big pro! It’s important to note that it costs more in the long run though. You’ll still need to pay the cost of a roof replacement in the coming years in addition to paying for the repair.

Another pro is how long a roof repair takes. It’s a quick job that can be squeezed in before winter weather hits. Some people even attempt a roof repair as a DIY job, although we don’t recommend it.


The downside of a roof repair is the uncertainty that comes with it. You can’t know for certain you’ve repaired every area of the roof that needs it, and there’s no telling how long you can enjoy the repair before more problems make themselves known. It’s a temporary fix that you can’t fully trust.

Roof Replacement

A total roof replacement is what’s typically recommended by roofing contractors. This isn’t just because they want to make more money either! Roof replacements are a better investment long-term with very few cons.


A total roof replacement gives you peace of mind knowing that every inch of the roof is going to be good for decades to come. The investment is big up front, but you won’t have to worry about it again for a long time!

A total replacement offers the best protection for your home against further damage from leaks and pests too.


The biggest downsides of a total roof replacement are the time and money it entails. Replacing a roof is a big job that takes a long time, so you can expect to essentially be living on a construction site for some time. As for the cost, there’s no getting around it. Replacing a roof should be seen as an investment that saves money over time by making your home more energy efficient and well-protected against water damage.


If you’re interested in a roof repair or replacement, contact Sunrise Exterior LLC today! Our team can inspect your roof and review the options so you can make the best choice for your budget now and in the future.

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