Roof Leak Coming From Ceiling

Signs Your Roof Is Leaking and Steps On What to Do

A leaky roof is a top fear among homeowners. Many things can cause a leak, especially if your home has been through a severe storm with high winds and hail. Other causes include overflowing gutters, cracked skylights, condensation, and more. Here are the signs your roof is leaking and steps on what to do if it is.

Signs Your roof is Leaking

Water Marks

One of the easiest ways to check if your roof is leaking is to inspect your ceiling for watermarks. The best way to do this is to grab a flashlight and point it at the ceiling. If you notice any discoloration or brown water marks, chances are your roof is leaking. Focus on the corners and edges of the ceiling, which is one of the most common places this happens.

Full Gutters

You may think of cleaning your gutters during seasonal cleaning, but if you suspect a leak in your roof, your gutters could be the cause. Your gutters could be blocked with branches, leaves, or other debris from winter storms. A clog can detach the gutters, leaving the water with nowhere to drain. The water could then seep into your home if it’s not flowing properly.

Curled Roof Shingles

Another way to check for leaks is to see if your shingles have any moisture on them. While many will climb up on the roof, you don’t have to. Find a safe point from the ground and use binoculars to view the shingles from below. If the shingles appear curled over on the sides, your roof has an issue. Curled shingles indicate poor ventilation, water damage, mold, and roof leaks.

Dripping Water

If you see water dripping, your roof is most likely leaking. Locate the leak and try to catch the dripping water with a bucket so it doesn’t damage any more of your home. Once you find the source of your leak, you can go into the attic and see if it is dripping from the roof. Usually, you will find leaks in the roof that go through the attic and eventually break through the ceiling. This will happen over time, so if you catch a leak early, you can still fix it before it extensively damages your roof.

Now that you know what signs to look for, what do you do next if you find them? If you suspect your roof leaks, don’t worry; we are here to support you. At Sunrise Exterior LLC, we can help you detect a leaking roof, replace shingles, fix leaks, and more. Just contact our team for a free roof inspection!

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