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Siding and Home Exterior Checklist You Can Do for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to show your house some love with an extra checklist inside and out. While your interior checklist might include a lot of cleaning, your exterior checklist should look a bit different. Use this list to ensure your siding and the exterior of your home are in great shape after a long, hard winter.

Inspect the Gutters

Inspecting your gutters is a must after harsh winter weather comes to an end. If your gutters aren’t properly draining, it can lead to water damage and issues with your roof. Even if your gutters aren’t in need of repair, they are most likely in need of a good cleaning! Cleaning your gutters each spring will give you a clearer look at them and ensure they’re working properly.

Gutter cleaning can be a DIY job if you have a ladder and the time to spare, but there are plenty of professionals you can hire to do the job too.

Check the Foundation

Fluctuating temperatures can highlight foundation issues in your home. Walk around the exterior of your home, paying close attention to the foundation. Make note of any cracks you see, no matter how small. A tiny foundation crack can become a major issue for your home overtime as the crack begins to expand. Luckily, if you find the crack early, preventative measures can be taken to prevent a larger crack from forming. You can also check for foundation cracks from the inside of your home’s basement.

Inspect Your Siding

Your siding can take a hit over the winter too. When you’re inspecting the outside of your home, check the siding for signs of damage. Damaged siding can be cracked, bowing, peeled, or disconnected from the home. Damaged siding that goes unchecked can allow moisture to form under the siding and create more damage to your home. The damage can also impact the energy efficiency and comfort of your home’s interior as temperatures change outdoors.

Examine Porch and Decks

It’s easy to forget your porch and deck needs maintenance. Afterall, they’re built to be durable! It only takes a few extra minutes to examine your porch and deck each spring though. If you see cracks in the patio or loose nails in the deck, they should be dealt with ASAP. Leaving a damaged porch or deck can lead to major safety hazards for your family and anyone who visits. Like with most projects, repairs are cheaper the sooner they’re done!

If you need help checking items off your spring exterior checklist, contact Sunrise Exteriors today! From inspections to repairs, our team can keep your siding and the rest of the home looking great for years to come.

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