Located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Sharon is a quiet little town known for its Borderland State Park and wildlife adventures. It’s a peaceful location for residents and visitors who plan on exploring a historic town in Massachusetts. Sunrise Exterior Inc is proud to continue building a reputation with its customers in Sharon as there is always a high demand in replacing roof, siding, or gutters. No matter how big or small the project may be, Sunrise Exterior Inc is more than happy to get the job done right away so you can feel confident that your house and family are protected for a lifetime.

Roofing Installation and Replacement in Sharon, MA

When it comes to installing the best roofing material for your home, Sunrise Exterior Inc has a beautiful partnership with the top line manufacturers in North America. GAF is durable, has excellent value, and, most importantly, will provide your home with the highest level of protection. If you are looking to have your roof replaced, consider hiring Sunrise Exterior Inc as your go-to roofing contractor. Call today for a free estimate at (508) 584-7663

Siding Installation and Replacement in Sharon, MA

Siding is a great investment for those looking to improve their house’s attractiveness and curb appeal, but that’s not all it’s known for! With its modern features, vinyl siding offers minimum maintenance and durability to withhold weather conditions, versatile colors, and materials. On top of all that, it’s energy-efficient, which is a big plus, especially when you live in New England, the weather can be unpredictable, so you want the best option available to save you money in the long run!

Gutter Installation and Replacement in Sharon, MA

At Sunrise Exterior Inc, we take the time to make sure that every client’s rain gutter draining system runs correctly and at its full capacity. Your safety is our number one priority; we want to help you save money by preventing further water damage to your siding and basement. Contact us to learn more about saving money for your home improvement investments.

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