When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, you have two options: independent contractors and roofing companies. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Always compare bids to get the best price, and look into roofer reviews, references, and qualifications.

For quick repairs, independent roofing contractors can be useful. Large projects, such as replacing your old roof, may take longer to complete because they either work independently or with subcontractors. They may, however, specialize in a specific style. Hiring an individual can be risky, but it ensures that you will see and work with the same person throughout the project.

Roofing companies are more likely to work with more materials, finish big jobs more quickly, offer discounts or free consultations, and have their work covered by manufacturer warranties. The point of contact for every stage of the project might not be the same, though.

Choosing a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Before selecting the roofing contractor who is best for you, always get quotes from a few. You can select the contractor with the fair, mid-range bid or the best price and availability. If you have the necessary funds, you might choose the roofer with the most expensive estimate and 20 years of experience installing the desired roof type. No matter which bid you select, check the credentials of your roofer.

Roofing contractors in Greenville, RI

Finally, the experience with home improvement you’ve always wanted. Sadly, a lot of contractors underperform, particularly when it comes to service. Our Greenville roofing contractors at Sunrise Exterior Inc. provide an unmatched level of home improvement service to help you avoid the stress of broken promises and subpar work.

Sunrise Exterior Inc. is a Greenville Roofing Contractor that can help you leave your worries behind. All you’ve ever wanted is a contractor who will do the job correctly and on time. Unfortunately, your experience and perception of contractors are likely to be as follows:

  • My inquiries are not being addressed.
  • My phone calls and emails have gone unanswered.
  • My project’s timeline is always shifting backwards.
  • My property was damaged and mistreated.
  • I had the impression that the crew was not professional or respectful.
  • I never know what the next step is in the process.

Make a wise roofing decision.

Sunrise Exterior Inc. is dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible so that you can enjoy quality and service the way you’ve always wanted it.

Excellent Customer Service: Our entire team is helpful, friendly, and always ready to update you on your project and answer your questions, from sales to HR.

Smooth and simple procedure

Our goal is to provide the best customer service experience you’ve ever had by making the entire process simple, straightforward, and straightforward.

Clean, detail-oriented crews

Our project team is meticulous in their attention to detail, ensuring that your installation is completed correctly and that your property is spotless after the installation.

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