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Roof Maintenance and Safety Tips for the End of Summer

Summer is ending, and there’s no better time than now to carry out some roof maintenance. The Fall brings a whole lot of leaves, and winter is too cold and can exacerbate the already existing issues. That’s why you must carry out your annual inspection and maintenance before the season ends. While doing all this, you also need to ensure you keep safe. So here are some roof maintenance and safety tips you are going to need this summer’s end.

End of Summer Roofing Tips You Can Start

If you are looking to work on summer roof maintenance projects, here are 7 lists you can prepare now before it gets too late.

1. Trim the Trees Around the Roof.

With summer ending and fall rearing its head, you will most likely see leaves falling everywhere. This is why the trees need to be trimmed, to ensure that the leaves don’t accumulate too much and a broken branch does not mistakenly damage the roof.

2. Check for Missing Shingles.

One of the first things homeowners should check on during the end-of-summer inspection is missing shingles. A missing or broken shingle opens the home to the elements one step further. If you find a missing or damaged one, it is a sign that the roof needs repairs or replacement.

3. Check and Clean the Gutters

Another tip to successful roof maintenance is to check and clean the gutters. Check for dead animals, block drainage, and clean them up. This helps to retain the lifespan of the building and keep it nice and clean.

The gutters are an integral part of the roofing system. They help divert water off the roof, and a blocked or damaged gutter can damage the top and foundation.

4. Seal the Seams

The roof’s seams have to be properly sealed to prevent water damage. So, for every annual roof maintenance, one must not forget to do so.

5. No to Powerwashing

Sure, it’s ‘powerful’, but it can damage the roof. The force from the water could easily damage and strip off parts of the roof, such as the shingles.

6. Check For Water Damage

When there is a damaged or missing shingle, it’s easy to conclude that the intrusion has begun. This intrusion can lead to water damage, and water damage can cause mold to form. It can also undermine the structural integrity of the whole building. Most people tend to ignore this until it becomes too big to carry, and by then, you already have several holes welcoming water into your abode.

7. Make Use of Safety Equipment when Carrying out Maintenance

Don’t think that just because there is no sawing, cutting, or welding, safety equipment should be neglected. Make use of safety shoes, gloves, etc. Always ensure you carry the right tools for the job and that ladders are available, especially when working on a roof. Things can be a bit dangerous.

Take these tips to heart; your roof maintenance will be a breeze. We at Sunrise Exterior LLC can be of help with your roofing maintenance plans.


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