Asking roofer questions

Questions to ask a roofer 

Roof repair or replacement is highly skilled work and requires picking from the many contractors available. As with roof repairs or replacement, choosing a roofer can be a very daunting experience. Finding the right roofer that suits you and is well qualified is necessary if you intend to solve your roof problem timely.


There are questions you can ask a roofer to check if he is a good match for you and your problems. Below are questions to ask your roofer before contracting with him.


Are you a licensed roofer?


You must find out if the roofer is licensed to carry out the roofing activity. The license certifies that the roofer is well skilled, educated, and UpToDate about the rudiment of roofing. It also prevents unpleasant situations where you give a job to a roofer who cannot complicate your roof problem. Also, the license shows you that the roofer has obtained permission to work in that jurisdiction. 


Do you have a workman’s comp insurance cover?

Finding out if the roofer has insurance coverage on his workers is an essential step in getting to know your roofer. It is now required by law that all roofing agencies take out an insurance cover on their workers and employees, regardless of their number. Most roofers might choose to carry out work and take their chances, but if the injury happens on your property, there is a risk that you could be held liable for the medical expenses.


Will I need a roof repair or a replacement?

You should find out from your roofer if a repair is needed or a roof replacement. A roof roofer is invited to examine the problem; he will use his professional expertise to determine.


Do you use subcontractors?

You also need to know if the roofer will subcontract your work to another roofer and if you are okay with it. If not, you can find another roofer who will do the job well. If you do not mind the contractor subcontracting your work, then find out crucial information like if the subcontractor is an insurance cover and if he will be well compensated for his job.


Will you have someone onsite that I can communicate your questions?

You can confirm if there will be somebody to talk to on the job site. Finding out if someone onsite is essential, especially when you have questions about how the job is being carried out.


Will you write a statement of cost to me?

Finally, asking your contractor if a statement of the cost is written to you before the start of the job is very important. The report will allow you to plan payment and verify if you are financially ready to carry out the job.



Asking your essential roofer questions about your roofing helps clarify issues and prevent disagreement between you and your roofers. It allows you to be financially and mentally ready for the long process you about to carry out.

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