Living in the House While the Roof is Being Replaced

Though it might cause inconvenience for you and your family, you will most probably live in your house while the roof is being replaced. A roofing company that knows its job will ensure that you have minimal disturbance while the roof is being replaced. As a roofing company, we understand that you have to carry on with your life. Important tasks such as raising the kids, dealing with household responsibilities, taking care of your pets, and cleaning are things you can’t put off for even a very short period of time.

Should I Live Under My Roof While it’s Being Replaced?

There are definitely some things that you have to put up with when your roof is being replaced. If you follow the proper security procedures, it will be totally fine if you live under your roof while it’s being replaced.

How Loud Does the Roof Replacement Process Get?

It entirely depends on your noise tolerance, but roof replacement can get loud considerably. There is a lot of material replacement that causes noise, and you have to put up with that no matter how silently the roofers work.

Will Roofers Come Inside My House?

It will depend on the replacement timeline decided between you and your roofer. There will be times when the roofers will need to access your home from the inside to make attic inspections, but this will be done before the roof replacement procedure.

How Long Will Roof Replacement Take?

This again depends on several factors. For starters, roof replacement in summer is much easier and quicker, so the season of replacement determines the timeline. The second most important thing is the size of your roof. A bigger roof will obviously take more time due to the large area that needs to be replaced, and last but not least, the competence level of your roofer will determine the timeline of the whole roof replacement procedure.

Keep Your Pets Secured During Replacement

Keeping your pets safe during the roof replacement process should be your topmost priority. If possible, leave your pets with someone through the entire roof replacement process because roof replacement is a messy procedure that can cause anxiety for your pets. While you are taking care of your pets, it won’t be a bad idea to temporarily move your children due to the disturbance caused by the roof replacement procedure.

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