Moss on roof

Is Moss Bad for Your Roof?

Moss on the roof is a controversial top. Some let the moss grow freely on their roofs, while others get an anxiety attack when they spot even a hint of moss growing on their roofs. We are here to debunk the myths surrounding moss and settle this debate for once and all.

First of All, What is Moss?

A collection of small flowerless plants that grow in shady and damp places is known as moss. Many people might not know this, but there are over 12,000 different moss species worldwide. Being non-vascular means, it doesn’t have any roots under the surface. Not having any roots means moss grows on flat surfaces such as roofs and walls.

Moss Leading to Mold

When the moss grows freely, it turns into a thick blanket that becomes a breeding ground for toxic bacteria, rot, and mold growth. While not being an issue for your health, this can certainly lead to excessive damage to the roof. Mold on the roof can also be an attractive place for rodents such as mice and other insects that can become an issue later down the road.

How to treat moss?

Many commonly used moss treatments are not advisable because they can cause all sorts of unintended consequences. If you are looking for a safe and effective moss treatment, your best bet is the moss control powder. This is especially recommended because it cleans out all the moss growth but doesn’t cause any damage to your roof. Applying moss control powder during the wet season is especially effective as it works better and kills the moss from your roof.

So Is the Moss on Roof Bad?

The moss on your roof is absolutely bad and should be taken care of as soon as possible. It can lead to all sorts of issues, such as structural damage and rodent infestations. Always get the services of a professional when it comes to moss removal on the roof because it is a very delicate process and requires taking care of several things simultaneously. Once your roof is cleared from all the moss, you will have a more pleasant environment in your house.

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