Is it too late to replace a roof during the Winter?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Can we still replace our roof in the winter season” or “Do I have to wait until Spring to have my roof replaced?” Quite frankly, any time is an excellent time to install or replace your roof if the lifespan is coming to an end or big signs of roofing issues. Your goal as a homeowner is to ensure your home is protected all year round. No mold, draft, or leaks should stop you from having to fix your roof whatever the season. However, Winter does come with some challenges; depending on the weather, it can be hazardous for roofers to work and health. There are some benefits of getting started now before it is too late despite the more obvious reasons. 

Replacing your roof In the Winter will save you money.


If you wait until Spring, think about the money you will lose during the Winter. New England Winter can drag for a while if you plan on using your heating and your roof has drafts think about how much money you will be spending with all the heat loss. Not only that, an inefficient roof can cause mold and mildew to your attic, which can cause your roof to deteriorate faster. 


A new roof can help protect your home from ice and snow.


When the snow melts and runs down the edge of your roof, the outdoor temperature will slow the process and will begin to refreeze the snow, which forms ice dams and icicles and can be very dangerous to your family coming in and out of the house. Having a new roof can constantly remove snow on your roof, preventing any damages to your home. 

Roofing contractors are more available than other seasons.


During Spring and Summer, you would notice roofing contractors are hard to get hold of even for a quote. That’s because homeowners tend to look for contractors at their busiest time, making it nearly impossible to have your roof evaluate when it is needed the most. Fortunately, the Winter plays a crucial role in having your roof fixed quickly. Schedule your roof soon before you hit the traffic!


If you are considering having your roof installed or repaired this season, there is no better way to call a roofer than now. If you are noticing issues with your roof, do not wait until spring because it’s warmer. Roofers will not disturb you when you are at home. Sunrise Exterior Inc’s goal is to save you money in the long run. Call today to learn more!

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