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How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer Heat and Storms

Preparing your roof for the summer heat and storms is essential. If your roof is damaged or causing a problem, the hot summer weather can impact the indoor environment. Storms can also cause water to seep into your house due to broken shingles or clogged gutters. If you want to prevent a problem from growing bigger, start preparing your roof for the summer heat and storms. Here are some tips that will help you secure your roof.

Clean Your Gutters

Debris, broken tree branches, or nests can clog your gutters, causing water to flow through the walls. This can lead to a bigger problem in the future. Stagnant water on your roof will slowly seep into your house, causing leaks and reducing the lifespan of your roof. Replacing costly roofs and fixing leakages is more difficult than opening clogged gutters. So, if you don’t want to waste your money on repairing, clean your gutters.

Hire a Roof Expert

The best way to prepare your roof for storms is to schedule a roof inspection. An expert can help you identify common issues like sags, cracked shingles, leaks, and darkening spots. A professional will meticulously examine your roof to identify any roof problem. Also, it’s vital to consult an expert at least once a year to repair the smallest issues in your roof and prevent them from worsening.

Trim Trees

While trees are a great way to surround yourself with nature, severe storms can cause them to fall on your roof or lose branches that can fall at any time. If you live in a storm-prone neighborhood, it’s imperative that you take immediate action. Trim the trees to prevent branches from falling on your roof and damaging it.

Install a Gutter Guard

Gutter guards are nothing new, but many homeowners forget to use them. These guards can prevent debris, branches, and other items from clogging your gutter. This way, you only have to remove the debris from above the gutters instead of cleaning the gutters themselves. Also, technology has greatly improved gutter guards, allowing you to remove and install them anytime you want.

Complete Roof Repairs

If roof repairs are taking a long time, hire an expert. A damaged roof can be a big problem during the stormy season. If you don’t have time to make repairs, ask for help. Experts not only repair your roof but also point out roofing issues that you may have missed.

Bottom Line

Let’s face it, fixing a roof is not easy, and trying to do it on your own might be challenging. We at Sunrise Exterior Inc, can assess your roof to identify and fix problems. This way, you don’t have to waste your time and energy and let experts do the work.

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