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How to Beat the Cold with Insulated Vinyl Siding

Have you ever considered altering your home’s exterior with insulated vinyl siding? The new siding has impressed many homeowners and is also recommended by home stylists for its various advantages. One of them is to keep the house warm, too. Sounds useful? Let’s look into it further.

What is Insulated Vinyl Sliding?

The finishing product we get out of the long pieces of polyvinyl chloride is vinyl. Some of the siding can be insulated by the dint of the support of the foam tightly fastened to the vinyl. The foam insulation makes the entire sliding rigid, becoming more resistant to deforming and movement than regular vinyl siding.

The good part about insulated vinyl siding is that it’s a one-time investment, as people don’t have to go through multiple replacements.

Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding

You must be curious to know why insulated vinyl siding is becoming a favorite among homeowners. Let’s look at the benefits that this material provides:

Cost Effective

Insulated vinyl siding undoubtedly comes at a higher price than its counterparts. That’s because the materials used to make vinyl are bulkier and require extra steps. The adjustment is more effortless compared to other siding, thereby reducing the cost of labor.

Another way vinyl siding helps you lower costs is by allowing you to install it on top of existing siding. That way, you don’t have to remove the old siding, which saves you money.

Beats the Cold

Like a blanket acts as an additional layer and keeps you warm, in the same way, insulated vinyl siding helps to beat the cold. How? The perfect vinyl insulation adjusts well with the panels. The insulation serves as a blanket by adding extra layers between the cold air outside and the warm air inside the house. In this way, the siding reduces the thermal bridge, which happens when heat manages to escape through materials used in wall construction.


Insulated vinyl siding is famous for its R-value. It means that the insulation material displays the qualities of restricting heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.


The comic support in the insulated vinyl siding gives its durability a boost. Another satisfying feature of this material is that it comes with a built-in insecticide, which is safe for pets and people but protects the foam from damaging termites. So, if your dwelling has any chances of termites digging into the foam to stay here, the insecticide will do its job.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Worried about skyrocketing utility costs? Making the switch to vinyl siding can help scale down the cost of your utility bills.

If you need professional assistance installing insulated vinyl siding for your home, contact Sunrise Exterior LLC now for a free estimate.

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