Guide on how to check your roof after a storm damage

Over the past month, Massachusetts experienced two storms of up to 70 mph. According to the National Grid, the storm caused thousands of homeowners to lose power and home damages from trees. Sunrise Exterior Inc recommends that the day after a storm, you should inspect or have a local roofing contractor to evaluate your roof as soon as possible to prevent any further damages. If you are unsure what to look out for, we have created a helpful guide on what to check.

How to See Damages on the Roof

When you take a look around the house, are there any apparent damages caused by the storm? Any missing shingles or branches/tree limbs lying on top of the roof? Are your gutters still intact? If you notice any of these damages, you need to act right away and call a professional to have your roof or gutters repaired.

How to Inspect Your Roof by Yourself

If you are comfortable climbing on your roof, you can personally check your chimneys, roof foundation, and gutters for any deterioration, debris, and take notes to inform your insurance agent about the damages that may have been caused by the storm.

How to Inspect Roof Damages from Inside

Storm roof damages can affect different ways and should never be underestimated. Once you have checked the house outside, it is important to inspect your attic to see if the roof has been weakened or affected by the storm. Some clear signs such as; dampness or moisture from the roof beams, grey/yellowish stains on the ceilings and walls, or large bubbles may not look much but can cause trouble and spike your energy costs.

Call Sunrise Exterior Inc for Roof Damage Services

If you are still unsure about the recent storm that has damaged your roof, consider scheduling a free consultation with the roof specialist at Sunrise Exterior Inc, where we will provide a free storm damage assessment for you. No homeowner should feel uncomfortable living inside their house. Call us to protect your home today at (508) 584-7663

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