Sunrise Exteriors Inc, is proud to partner with one of North America’s leading and largest roofing manufacturers for over 17 years. GAF’s goal is to continue evolving with its top-of-the-line shingles and help protect homeowners’ roofs for a lifetime. They have been doing for over 130 years, not many manufacturers can say they’ve achieved what GAF has done. 



What separates GAF from its competitors? Well, to put it simply, GAF works incredibly hard in bringing out the best products to be installed to a property, and every year GAF puts together a special training program to educate its partnered roofers on its high-quality installation methods using their latest technologies. 



One of the key benefits of using GAF is the protection you receive with GAF’s warranty. Sunrise Exterior Inc, takes great pride in being a certified roofing contractor of GAF materials in Massachusetts, so when you choose GAF’s products you are essentially taking an advantage of their 50-year warranty which is remarkable to have a long term investment is crucial for GAF so why not be protected for a lifetime? You will not need to worry about your roof anymore!



When you hire us, you have a partner who is with you for a lifetime, we do not work with subcontractors like some company’s do so when we install your roof we always put our commitment to every job because our reputation is how we became one of the leading roofing contractors in Massachusetts. We invest in our team so they are constantly being educated and knowledgeable which gives us the opportunity to install the best roofing type for your home. Your protection is our number priority. If you would like to learn more about GAF roofing options and our services. Call us today for a free consultation at 508-584-7663

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