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As an experienced and licensed roofing contractor, we can understand how stressful it can be for home investment. A lot of money is at stake, so you want to make sure when it is time to replace a new roof that you hire the right contractor who is reliable and capable of installing the roof the first time without any issues in the near future. Here are the top questions we get asked from homeowners. 


When is it time for your roof to be replaced?

Roofs have a life expectancy of 20-25 years (depending on how well the roof was installed and maintained.) If you are unsure what to look out for, there common signs that may indicate it is time to replace your roof like; missing, cracked, torn, or peeled shingles, a large amount of shingle granules found on the floor, or gutters are all clear signs of having a local professional roofer to inspect right away and evaluate potential damages. This will help save you hundreds of dollars.


How do I know if the roofer is legitimate?

A million-dollar question. While most roofers will say they are the best in the town, how can they prove it? Check out their Google or Yelp reviews and take the time to review and gather up information of who you might dealing with. Look at their website? Is it well presentable? Having a poorly designed website can reflect on their business as it shows how much they have invested in their company. While looking into their website, read about their recent project portfolio, are they experienced in your area or roof type? Don’t settle with the first roofer you have spoken to unless you have interviewed multiple roofers. Being the cheapest does not mean the best, and lastly, do not feel afraid to ask for a license. A roofer should always carry one.


The roof is leaking. What do I do?

There’s nothing worse than seeing home problems that could cost you a lot of money, but if you suspect a leaky roof, you need to call a roofing expert right away! The question we get asked is, “do I need to replace the whole roof?” the short answer to this is, it depends on the size of the leak and how old your roof is but this can’t be guaranteed until the roofer has a proper inspection.

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