Clear Signs You Hired a Bad Roofer in the Past

When it comes to investing in home improvement, roofing is one of the biggest and costly projects you will have to make as a homeowner. Depending on the material, roofing lifespan can be from 15-25 years, so you must be hiring the right person to do the job when it is time for a complete roof replacement. Otherwise, it can cost you more than you had anticipated, which not many can afford. Sunrise Exterior Inc breaks down the essential things to look out for and how to avoid hiring the wrong contractor. 

Inspecting From the Ground 

Take a quick look around the house and see if you notice anything unusual such as; broken or missing shingles and dark-colored stains, which could indicate your roof being vulnerable to leakage and mold, which can deteriorate the roof’s life expectancy. 

The Roof is Not Uniformed Correctly

All roof comes in different shapes and sizes, but it does not take a roofing expert to know if the roof is not aligned correctly by visually seeing it. The non-uniform top is a clear sign of an inexperienced roofer as it could lead to sagging, dip, or curve. Do you see any different colors between some rows or looks different from the rest? No roofer should skip the remaining shingles from other projects to your roof. If they have run out of your preferred material, this should be handled correctly to avoid a poor job. 

Installing the Wrong Roofing Material

One of the most frustrating things we have seen when replacing a new homeowner’s roof is attaching materials with the wrong type of nails or reusing a material, which means they have disregarded following the state’s building code. This can be very dangerous to the roofing foundation as it could lead to heavy damage. 

What to Look Out For When Hiring a Contractor

You will not see most of the potential issues on the roof, and there are still some basic requirements a homeowner must do before hiring a contractor, like checking their license and registration, asking about their insurance and experience, and analyzing their communication skills. It’s essential to trust the contractor to the job you can count on when you are indoors or away. 


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